Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen

Mean Home, Sweet Home to Me!

Unfortunately, we remain one day behind with the posts but this having been a transit day it has given a little space at the start of the new adventure. A full programme for the next 7 days is planned, which may well involve 1,000 miles of driving, visits to at least 3 Scottish counties plus a most ambitious target of some 'two dozen' additions to the Year List.

After a hearty breakfast at the William Henry pub in Weymouth, it was the 035 National Express service that got me to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 in plenty of time. Déjà vu was heavy in the air as in the past I spent a full 20 years plying this same route every month, but the local knowledge gathered during those years would pay dividends on landing.

This plus the best thing that ever happened to air travel, on-line check-in, allowed me a front row window seat where I would be able to survey the scene on our arrival at Dyce. There was also a third element contributing to the good fortune at that was a strong tail wind and a Captain with a 'lead boot'.

Hooded Crow is a resident at Aberdeen Dyce Aiport, with a pair awaiting the BA1312,

which brings up a 'milestone' in the attempt to reach the massive 200 species for the month.

There was something of a wait for the hire car, by which time darkness had fallen not helping with the next transit from airport to the (booked) Udny Arms Hotel at Newburgh, some 10 miles north of Aberdeen. Those following progress via a road atlas or Google Maps will find the village just north of Balmedie, nestling on the banks of the River Ythan, where I will be at first light in the morning. We'll talk again tomorrow - with good news I hope!

The Year (January) List now stands at 170


A thousand apologies are extended for the major Editorial Slip of yesterday. The tiny waterbird depicted on the 7th photograph from top is not of course a Little Egret but a Golden Eagle, the appropriate amendment having been put in place. Well done to those who spotted the 'deliberate mistake'.

Now, where was I?


  1. Hi Bagsy
    I believe you met my brother today at Strathbeg Loch. Cracking blog, a very enjoyable read. Myself and two other RN chaps run a blog called 'Three Amigo's Birding' with surfbirds. We are all members of the RN Bird Watching Society which is open to current and ex matelots as well as MN chaps. We are down at Portland for the weekend of 13-15 April. Maybe catch up. Bye for now.

  2. Yes Steve and a great pleasure, I've never met a 'bunch' of Tree Surgeons before! I will get a look at your Blog, which they did tell me about, and further if you need any info or guidance when you go to Portland please contact me if I'm in UK.
    Yours aye