Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stranger In Paradise - Tony Bennett

On the first day back on home soil there were no prizes for guessing where I was heading, so for the fourth time this year it was back to

Lyme Regis

in search of that pesky American Wader. The weather was fair with a moderate breeze from the south west, chilly but comfortable as the full cloud cover released occasional bursts of light drizzle.

A lone Kite Surfer was taking advantage of the wind, while all I was finding was the expected fare such as

Pied Wagtail,

Rock Pipit and then on the eastern sea wall

Purple Sandpiper.

There were a dozen of them in total

and as this lovely little Wader often is

tolerant of human presence,

but it was the 'rarity' I was after and almost to order

there sharing a rock with the 'Purps' was the Spotted Sandpiper. It seemed fairly mobile today allowing shots of

Back and
both sides and also flighty

aerial views as well.

Eventually, it flew, along with the other Sandpipers, out to the rocks awash where this Oystercatcher and Black-headed Gull were perched.

Black-headed Gull II. A search was then made for the Dippers and Grey Wagtails but neither were found, There seems to be something about the course of the River Lim as, not for the first time, workmen were in the river repairing and surveying buildings.

All that was seen was this fine looking male Mallard

along with his female.

The skeleton at the bottom of the river was thought to be that of a Mute Swan, going by neck length and bill size, but may have been a Goose.

Feral Pigeons are ever present while a

a female Blackbird looked down from her lofty perch.

A final look at Golden Cap

and this Herring Gull before boarding the X53 back to Weymouth and a look for Bittern on the Radipole Reserve.

On the way back a bus stop coincided with this view of a working Thatcher, but at the Reserve there was no sign of the Heron.

Instead, there was another Black-headed Gull this one already in full breeding plumage and

the Hooded Merganser was directly under foot at the main bridge.

how could anyone resist a photo shoot of such a staggering bird?

The Year (January) List now stands at 191

Finally, I should title this item
Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

A couple of years ago my friends Paul & Tess down in Emsworth, Hampshire fell under the spell of 'bird watching' with me always asserting that I am a 'birder; and not a 'twitcher'. How then are they able to believe this when a friend of there's saved a newspaper cutting relating to the Spanish Sparrow at Calshott earlier in the month. The headline was enough to shatter my credibility but to see me at the head of the pack was the final nail in the coffin. I could hardly blame them for appending their own headline to which I have no answer - touché


  1. Guilty as charged "Mr Twitcher".

    I do think it was inappropriate for P&T (whom I met briefly at Radipole once) to call you a "Twat" though Paul.{:)

  2. I tried to make it look like Twit Roy but the pen isn't mightier than the TWITCHER.
    Best Wishes Mate!