Sunday, 5 February 2012

Africa - Toto

A couple of images from Parley Court that slipped through yesterday's net, showing just how cold things were down in that neck of the woods.

The resident Mute Swan family were securely locked in by ice,

while the Coot were in a position to

climb onto the floe and snuggle up. It would be fair to say the temperature down there is a full 5 degrees colder than here in Weymouth, so to get out this morning in relatively bright sunshine was a bonus. With little to report from either the Cemetery or the Radipole Reserve it was straight on to

Lodmoor where much of the watercourse remains frozen but that didn't seem to be bothering

this male Stonechat too much,

nor the Marsh Harrier that seems to commute

between here and Radipole. With a decent walk behind me, it was fortunate that I had another lunch date

this time at the King's Arms sited on the north side of Weymouth Harbour

and with my friend Lesley Brown - Cheers! Having not been there for many a day, it may be advantageous to others that we are both able to report the quality of food and service are excellent - well worth a visit without needing a 'Kings Ransom'.

In addition it was fantastic to encounter another friend who hasn't been seen for a long, long time. Jojo first came into our circle in the days we used The Sailor's Return, on the opposite bank of the harbour, as our 'local' and where as a schoolgirl she worked in the bar. A quiet yet personable and hard working young lady, I doubt there were any who didn't think that she should enjoy a great future. How nice then to see her, these years later, as the Manager of the King's. Well done Jo and hope to see you soon!

and finally, it was noted this morning that the Republic of Ireland have pipped both Switzerland and Taiwan into the Treble Figure Zone. It would be nice to think this was, at least in part, as a result of our Paddy friends, Declan, Anne May and Co who shared a part of our Gambian adventure back in 2007.

drill down1010.24%IrelandIreland
drill down980.23%SwitzerlandSwitzerland
drill down980.23%TaiwanTaiwan

Me and the Skinny Kid at Koto Bridge, Gambia.

Jim the Medic left along with Declan, Anne May and other members of the Irish contingent.

At the Tendaba Camp, Jim and I saw both

African Finfoot and

Leopard among many other exciting things.

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