Wednesday, 22 February 2012

China Doll - David Bowie

Inspired by the Chinese lady I met last Thursday on the way to Portland, as promised to her, here are a few photographs from the second China trip in 2008. I am hoping to publish this during transit through Beijing Airport.

The Beijing Bird's Nest, Olympic Stadium
is it really nearly 4 years ago?

Cloisonne Manufacture

The Great Wall of Scunthorpe

Confucius say "for every step up, there is a step down"!

Lucky Charm Tree

Peking mi Duck?

Just like the local Take Away! Me eating out with ALL my pals.

The Great Corridor

the longest covered arcade in the world.

Silk Production. The cocoons are steeped in boiling water

before the single thread is spun to a bobbin.

Not even the inventive and inscrutable Chinese have been able to devise a way (human or mechanical) to spin single thread from a double (Siamese Twin) cocoon. However, what they realised is that the silk was pliable enough to stretch from a 2 inches cocoon to the size of this table, from there the required number of layers are turned into the most warm and comfortable duvets imaginable.
Temple of the Great Harvest

3 images in Tianamen Square

Chairman Mao Portrait

and a Policeman (or 2) on every corner.

PS - Arrived safely Incheon, South Korea at 18-00 local, dark so nothing doing tonight but early start tomorrow with more detail. Incheon is 9 hours ahead of Weymouth.


  1. I had heard that it was about 50 years ahead of Weymouth!

  2. Don't you believe it Simon, you wait until you see tomorrows post - did I hear someone say 'moonscapes'!