Thursday, 16 February 2012

Goldeneye - Ian Lancaster Fleming

Even before daybreak this Blackbird had his beak in the trough, and lucky really while once again there are freezing conditions elsewhere Weymouth & Portland remain frost free, somewhat mild with little wind and sunny periods.

Apart from this young Herring Gull, clearing up behind the 'littler louts', there was nothing to report from the cemetery so straight on to Radipole where almost the first bird was a Water Rail in flight, nice start. Apart from that it was usual fare with

'primping' Teal,

feeding Shoveler

and a few Cormorants resting on one of the small islands along with a Shelduck.

Weymouth Inner Harbour (to the south) is always worth a look

as is the view to the north for the variety of small boats and a character or two. I was not to be disappointed on the later as Mr Rock & Roll, Peter Smith got chance for a 'catch up' chat. Next was the bus to Ferry Bridge where very quickly this

male Goldeneye was spotted.

Always too distant for anything but a 'record shot'

it was, as ever, very nice to see one again

today associating with Red-breasted Merganser. All else there amounted to about half a dozen


Add Image30 or so Ringed Plover

plus 2 Little Egrets.

That's when the Royal Navy arrived in their Gasoline Gannet

putting everything to flight including the

Red-breasted Mergansers

Highlight of the day was meeting a family of holiday makers wanting to get to Portland Bill on the bus, and who better to ask. One of the ladies was from Beijing, China which being my 'stepping stone' next week was a subject for conversation en-route. On the strength of that I'll dig out some photographs over the next couple of days.

and finally, I was invited to the Olympic Cycling Trial on Monday evening in London, but an early start the following day wouldn't allow for that. So I think that is quite a big miss but nonetheless thank friends Hugh & Janet for the thought.

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