Friday, 3 February 2012

I Get Too Hungry For Dinner At 8

Weymouth Seafront yesterday morning as once again I boarded the X53 service to Poole, then onward to Christchurch and a short notice dinner with the family Dampney. With little more than 18 hours notice, here's one invitation wild horses wouldn't be able to keep me away from. Unfortunately (only as far as the Blog is concerned), it's the 'social whirl' that puts me yet another day behind, but really who's counting.

Arriving at Parley Court there was time to take a wander around to seek out any changes that have come about since my last visit, and in this ever changing environment it wasn't long before I came across the latest acquisition.

Best described by the immortal Michael Flanders and Donald Swann "a London transport diesel-engined 97-horsepower omnibus."

As usual there was the never ending transit of aviation transport with this flight of a squadron of attack aircraft used by the MoD for training purposes, and

the odd private aircraft.

Daryl had decided to cook for the evening meal, the main reason for my attendance, seen here with his Commis Chef mum Janet,

turning out a fine Tomato Tarte Tatin which was gently assisted down by a Lebanese Chateau Musar.

Thee poachers had been active on the estate complete with Lercher Dogs, and already brought down a Roe Deer, The Police had been informed but due to "inconsistency of evidence" no charges were forthcoming. However, it being an ill wind that doesn't blow someone some good, there was a lump of venison or so to be had. Hugh called on the services of his Game Keeper who deftly butchered the hapless beast which we were all about to enjoy with

a drop of Charley Herring and a Southern Right 2009 Pinotage ( highly recommended).

Sauteed medallions with braised vegetables made for a fine plate,

but better was to come.

To end the gastronomic delight a White Chocolate Tower with a Raspberry Liqueur and a novel

Canadian Riesling 'Ice Wine'.

Janet, Hugh, Daryl and Cath happy for me to do all the work taking the photographs.

No promises, because the social activities continue, but it is hoped to catch up tomorrow with a few bird photographs from the kitchen window, here's a 'taster'.

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

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