Monday, 27 February 2012

I Should Be So Lucky - Kylie Minogue

It has been a day of 'Good Fortune' and to me what travelling the world is all about. A day in transit, the idea was to get from Incheon to Dong Song Eup which would be a base to try and see the local Cranes and suss out how to get to the border with North Korea, all I could do was follow my notes and hope for the best.

The free shuttle bus from the hotel got me to the airport and the starting point for the Subway Train System which I approached with a little trepidation. The first leg to the capital Seoul was very easy and with further help from Juny Chang, President of FS Industries (who I met on the train) it was made a good deal easier. From the Central Station it was a continuation on the Underground to the Bus Terminus at the other side of the city, but it was getting the ticket that was the problem. Step foreward a face from the crown who made sure I understood the directions writted down for me at the Information Office.

An unimpressive looking Downtown Seoul, some have told me it's too modern!

Are Friends Electric - Gary Newman Tubeway Army

Within 30 minutes I had reached the destination, got my bus ticket and bought some fruit the first I had clapped eyes on all trip. A punnet of part dried large Persimmons and 4 very tasty apples and by noon we were On the Road Again - Canned Heat.

The ouskirts of the city were little better,

but there was a river so a chance of a water bird or two

and as it petered out to no more than a trickle some birds were seen additions to the list being GREY HERON, LITTLE EGRET. EURASIAN TEAL and surprisingly in the middle of urbanisation 2 males and a femle GOOSANDER.

That brings the Trip List to 37 and World Lifers 4

Another Casual Acquaintance but very friendly so I promised to add him to the post.

Three hours later we arrived at Dong Song Eup and stepping from the bus asked the first person I saw where the 'cheap' hotel is, which is my usual tactic.

I was in for more than I had bargained for as Cheng, without a single word of English, took me into his office, sat me by the fire

and gave me this 'pick me up' drink.

As I enjoyed this he pointed to the binnoculars quizically at which I flapped my arms and burst into birdsong - he got the picture! So much so that he pulled a business card from his desk which had on it a flock of Cranes crossing a clear blue sky - TICK! He dialed the number on the card several times but there was no reply before dragging these

2 School Boy's in off the street to interpret for him.

Taking in the view from the hotel window,

there came a knock on the door and having forgotten about the unanswered phone calls was pleasantly surprised to find 2 'Ornithologists' outwith. Man & Wife bird monitoring team members Jongsoo Choi & Mihwang Chung had come to see if I'd like to go Birdwatching with a Difference - Yes Please I Would - so will tell you more when I know more!

Oh when the time is right, I'm gonna pick you up
and take you far away, from trouble my love
Under a big Ol' sky, out in a field of green
There's got to be something left for us to believe

Oh I await the day, 'Good Fortune' comes our way
and we'll ride on the King's Highway hey, hey

King's Highway - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

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