Thursday, 9 February 2012

In The Bleak Mid-Winter

Despite getting the moleskin trousers back from the pawn shop it still felt a good deal colder this morning featuring a cutting north easterly breeze and little in the way of sunshine. The cemetery once again lay bare while nearly the whole of Radipole Lake was once again covered with ice. It would seem we are going through something of a Doldrum as far as wild-life (especially birds) are concerned pointing to having to rely on archive photos to please the crowd? Apart from the 'usual' at the lake today there were 2 sights I had not seen at that location before, starting with a

Moorhen seemingly driven by the weather to feast

on the carcass of a Black-headed Gull. Further along the path I met my friend Lulu who, learning of my itchy feet, offered some excellent travel tips on one of the countries that may have the pleasure of my company in the near future. She also told me of a

Black Swan in the vicinity of Westham Bridge.

A resident of Australia, there are a number scattered throughout the county, especially Abbotsbury/Fleet areas,

but this is the first for me at Radipole.

Even the slightest brush with the Australian theme has me thinking about those visits to see my

youngest daughter Lisa and her family there.

The view from what was once her home with husband Bernard, 15 stories above Potts Point and the whole of Sydney Harbour including the grey structure which is one of actor Russel Crowe's homes. Much has changed since that trip in 2008, including Bernard being appointed Commander in the Royal Australian Navy, 2 and a half Grandsons (Frederick & Alexander so far, bless em) and a change of location. It is proving a difficult wait for the next visit!

Rainbow Lorikeet

Noisy Miner

Laughing Kookaburra

Grey-headed Flying Fox

Sydney Botanical Gardens

Eastern Yellow Robin

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