Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gas Head Goes West - Live

From the album Secret Samadi by Philadelphia Band 'Live'

Continuing my stay in San Fernando, today's venture would include hopefully finding some accessible woodland/forest and then taking it as it comes. Heading towards a promising looking wooded area I came across

this lovely family who put me right as to direction, along with the family next door who invited me to the 'Cock Fighting'.

In total, they had 25 'champion' Fighting Cocks in their garden, most resting on T shaped perches, but this was the Cockerel Cassius Clay of them all!

On my way I had to pass the Coconut Man laboriously chiseling away at the copra making the nuts ready to sell, mainly for the 'milk'.

The directions thus far had been sound, but coming across yet another family, living on the edge of both wood and mountainside (as they described it) I was privy to the best way and best birds to see.
Finding the path would have been difficult, but with 'local knowledge' at my disposal I was soon in there and

encountering the Bamboo Cutters. They didn't seem to be disturbing the birds, in fact in their vicinity the bird song was loudest and most varied but where the hell were they? What initially looked like a fairly small hill very soon developed into a mountain of mountainous proportions as the heat and humidity set in.

However, a small flock of noisy


past though and although seen many times before it was at least a bird in the book.

It's difficult to know if this Mango Tree is cultivated or wild,

but the next bird up was certainly wild, a


with some birds displaying.

Then came the prize I was hoping for, and the lady back down the hill had predicted,


which she had told me would be best found at the top of the hill. Fortunately, I didn't have to go that far and additionally the lady told me her neighbour occasionally gives her family one to eat, and that their feet are much smaller than domestic fowl.

Any park is worth a look, so an optimistic search followed.

The Gravediggers however were far more cynical about their lot, asked if they liked it here the reply was "the name is shite", why do you think that I enquires, "because there is NO forest and there is NO lake" - point taken!

A few more Shrike and a look at the memorials

and views and just for good measure 4 BLUE-THROATED BEE-EATERS flew directly overhead and identified mainly by their distinctive chestnut crowns. Unfortunately they didn't stay very long.

Later, these White-eyes were found and thought to be 'YELLOWISH'

but yet to be confirmed.

More Monuments and Blooms, but I was now in need of a drink, a sugar hit and a snack, with the only place available being a petrol station.

where firstly I thought, "this should pish-off all the 'Gas Heads' back home". Prices here are for a litre and I managed 68 peso for my GB £ at the Airport, that shouldn't take long to get your gander up!

Unfortunately the gas Station shop was closed but there were tables and chairs outside - pheew - plus a cold water dispenser. Several people tried to access the shop, but then the cashier came over, ask me what I wanted, opened the shop, served me and went back to her post.
Thank You Very Much.

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