Friday, 16 March 2012

Hometown Glory - Adele

The third day out with Vicky was to be spent close to her home town of Jiao Xi seen here from the surrounding hills. While there are 'no promises' in birding, she seemed fairly certain that she could find at least one 'endemic' to add to the list which was very soon in coming. Having borrowed her sisters car for the day we were able to cover much more ground, so heading directly for the fast flowing river there was no trouble in locating


in fact it was the very first bird we saw on the day.

It was then off to the forest

where already some of the shrubs are in bloom and where we quickly found 2 members of the Apus family both being Sub-species (Ssp),

HOUSE SWIFT Apus nipalensis kuntzi (bordering on the naughty that one) and

PACIFIC SWIFT Apus pacificus kanoi.

Always time for a bit of Temple'ing with one always available here.

During my wanderings, I have never seen a female Chinese Lion with one paw on a 'pearl' this I thought was reserved for the male. Vicky tells me that it is sometimes the case, but far more usual to have her foot on a 'cub'.

Not the best of pictures to highlight this intricate marble Dragon frieze.

An equally ornate Buddhist Graveyard.

Part of a large flock of RED TURTLE DOVES

seemingly enjoying both the food and heavy rain.


with juvenile, an endemic Ssp.

I know a few people who wouldn't mind finding one of these in their Moth Trap.

Returning to a lower elevation, we decided on a search of the rice paddies which are now springing a new crop. There was no trouble finding adult and

juvenile BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON, south-eastern Ssp,

nor WOOD SANDPIPER for that matter, I've never seen so many.

A BROWN SHRIKE put in an all too brief appearance

while this tiny Wader (possible Red-necked Stint?) is still not identified.

Maybe someone out there would like to give it a go? Replies to


The WHITE WAGTAILs are a treat to watch

but like their close relative EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL,

seen here having a dhoby, are rarely close enough or stationary for long.

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