Thursday, 8 March 2012

Magic Bus - The Who

Waiting in the immaculate Bus Station awaiting my coach back to Incheon

I spotted in the far corner a little food stall with hard boiled eggs.

"E 4 B and be your best" is what I say, so a brace of those and a coffee started the journey just right.

right new door was the 'Shoe Shine Boy' and as the new Brashers were looking a bit crest fallen, why not perk them up with a spot of dubbin - eh Secret!

Despite the language barrier we were enjoying a bit of banter, so when the task was completed as a joke I thrust a coin into his mit, value about 2 pence. He never batted an eyelid, instead just stuffed the coin in his pocket, the joke had back fired big time. The usual rate for the job is 2,000 won, about £1.30, and giving him a 5,000 note had him beaming and shouting Joke, Joke!

Busan, Koreas 'second city' tucked in the far south eastern corner, could not be described as disappointing but logistics and geographical locations made for no 'birding' at all. It was hoped to endorse the Relict Gull with a photograph but the site at Nakdonggang Estuary was a 10 days camel ride from where I sttood, while Dadaepo Park for Grey bunting was even further. Time to cut losses and take the stepping stone to Changwon which is within easy distance of

Junam Lake where among others Baer's Pochard and Back-faced Spoonbill are sometimes seen.

Having clocked 3 EURASIAN SPOONBILL,

seen here with an equal number of Slaty-backed Gulls I bumped into yet another group of 'birders' who immediately put me right as to what was on the reserve (not a lot) and then went to their cars to bring me gifts. These include a properly produced Local Field Guide, several brochures and a stack of excellent photographs. Unable to accept due to lack of carrying capacity, they were not offended, while Public Affairs Officer Choi Jong-Su said he would send his image of a Spoon-billed Sandpiper via E-mail. If that happens, you will be the very next to see it.

Some improved images of Vinous- Throated Parrotbill,

Pintail and

Daurian Redstart made it worthwhile, as LAPWING, ROOK and FAN-TAILED WARBLER were added to the Trip List. Final totals for the Korea leg of the journey amounting to

Trip Ticks - 87 World Lifers - 14

The City of Incheon and Approaches to the Korean International Airport

Now that's what you call a Driving Range

The Koreans just seem to love Appartments.

More under construction,

and more reclaimation to build more appartments.

The Spur Bridge leading to Dockland.

Part of the ultra-modern City Centre.

The Airport Bridge, under construction on my last visit.

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