Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Power - Suede


It is well known that we are a number of days in arrears with the Blog which, given the amount of activity, is beneficial not needing to race back each day to edit photos etc for any given day. Late afternoon I arrived in the lively town of Vigan, found the best location/hotel yet in the Philippines and was immediately 'clapped in irons' by the Cyber Police. Charges, brought by Local Government, include impropriety and the use of unacceptable language on the web-site for which I was in the first instance denied access to the net. Having no redress until this morning made it impossible to publish a post yesterday, and having wasted most of today trying to convince the City Fathers that my site is kosha, no wonder I've got one on! Having managed to access the 'filter' I find the onerous crime is to have used words on the site such as Tit, Pecker (as in Wood), Sheer and Naughty. The solution to the problem was simply down to the fantastic staff here and their Manager(ess) who just happened to be at City Hall this morning. Anyway, time to get on with it.

Bit of a strange weather pattern today as setting out again at 06:00 the low cloud seeking the valleys allowed the early morning sun through, which was most welcome. Direction was the Rice Paddies with the plan being to access them via the steep downhill road then get a Jeepney back.

A few roadside blooms once again caught my eye, and very soon so did the first bird a


very common throughout much of Asia,

but good to see again. As I neared the paddies I met Jan a subsistence farmer, very proud of his lot and proud to give me a look around. A little bit of everything here

apart from the 'rice' which looked very healthy to me, but Jan showing me the result of recent drought conditions,

saying how desperate he and his neighbours were for some water (where have we heard that before?). Jokingly, I told him I had control over such things and would see what I could do to rectify things.

Next the pig sty's where things were totally OK as they were

the 'free-range' goats

and hens. Every family here have Chickens, at least 2 Roosters and any number of Dogs. With the racket each make, including all through the night, and along with every other conceivable noise maker, has led me to dub the Philippines the Noisiest Nation on Earth. That is not intended to be unkind as there is a lot going on here and the people are wonderful.

This is when I saw a small flock of birds fly across a field and land in an old ladies garden. She had no problem with my pursuit and found in her vegetable patch abort 20


a total nuisance to the Rice Farmer

but neither Jan nor the old lady for that matter, seem to have a problem with them. A Common Kingfisher also put in an appearance as dis another Grey Wagtail.

Unidentified Moth on rice leaf. It was now starting to get seriously hot, but I was distracted by a number of


that just seemed to appear from nowhere,

perch on the power cables and set about preening. I was now beginning to feel I was leaving my return a little late and went off in search of some transport. The heart stopping new was 'there was no transport'! Seemed by that time of day everyone was where they needed to be and the Jeepneys stood down until the return journey.

A little shelter was afforded at the, you can pick the bones out of that one, Pre-School

as the youngsters were busily practicing for the up-coming Summer Festival.

I was invited to sit in and was glad of the shade for a few minutes.

Little point going on about sun-stroke and the desert sands, but I was sure happy to find a cold drink half way up the hill, as I was this Butterfly.

My favourite eating house over these past 3 days had been The Lemon Pie where the fare is simple but palatable and breaking the rule once again it was a cold beer or nothing. Along with omelette, hot dogs and french fries I was ready to return to my 'humble', £5 a night, abode. No sooner had I sat down to start editing the days photographs than it started.

12 hours solid 'torrential rain', the photograph really doesn't paint the picture, but I did wonder if Jan thought he had met The Messiah this morning!

All of this inspired me to play (a few times) the motivating and meaningful

The Power
(from the highly recommended Suede album 'Dog Man Star')

Through endless Asia, 'cross the fields of Cathay
or enslaved in pebble-dashed grave with a kid on the way
If you're far over Africa on the wings of youth
or if you're tied to some satellite town and there's nothing you can do

Just give me, give me, give me the power
And I'll make them bleed
Give me, give me the power
(Although I'm just the common breed)

You might live in a screen kiss, it's a glamorous dream
Or belong to a world that's gone, it's the English disease
'The Power' link (Dog Man Star Version)

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