Thursday, 1 March 2012

There's An Angel Standing In The Sun

and it's crying with a loud voice
this is the Supper of the Mighty One
Genesis - Super's Ready

Another day with Jongsoo, Mihuang and daughter Saeyeon in the Civilian Controled Zone, which started with a small erruption of Bean Geese. The main targets today however were to be Baikal Teal and Scaly-sided Merganser with the later being a cat in hells chance, while the Teal remained at little more than 50 - 50 but worth the try. I have to admit that Brown Dipper was also in the mix for me, but must tell you on that score we ended the day with 2 'Dips and no 'Dipper'! Before heading to the river and other water courses we spent a couple of hours crossing the endless dirt tracks that link the paddy fields with our luck being in.

2 Korean Leopard Cats were spotted, which had brought down one of the Geese, but having seen us didn't linger hence the photograph from Wikipedia. Jongsoo tells me it is unlikely to see let along photograph these timid beasts so we had done very well.

Though keeping his cards close to his chest Jongsoo did have an 'Ace' up his sleeve as we arrived at this Pottery.

From the other side of the river we could scan the cliff face, but still I had no idea what for until Jong pointed behind us.

There circling towards us was the huge shape of a male

Euraisian Eagle Owl (a World lifer for me)

which quickly drifted in to take up its favourite daytime perch.

The female was not difficult for Jongsoo to locate as she was sat on a nest containing 2 eggs.

There was time to view the old North Korean Labour Party Building

which the plaque shows to be a reminder of Communist Rule and a monument to those who died or suffered.

I just liked this sign indicating the trail on a nearby mountain.

Spot-billed Duck

White-napped Crane

Large-billed Crow

Hundreds of Goosander

Grey Heron, just one of over 50 nests in this Rookery.

Bean Geese plenty of these too!

male & female Eurasian Teal, so where the hell are the Baikals?

Tree Sparrow I've requested an export to Dorset.

There was no way of getting close to these Smew (female centre flanked by 2 males), not even in the confinds of the jeep.

However, this drake put in a fine effort flying close past us.

Time for a spot of dinner before parting company this being the families favourite cafe.

Jongsoo and Saeyeon tucking in. Even at the age of 7 she is already a budding artist and had to admire her depiction of my new

Guardian Angel, now a cap badge (thanks Lesley), nifty wink!

Trip Ticks - 54 World Lifers - 10

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