Monday, 23 April 2012

Twisting By The Pool - Dire Straits (again)

The incessant 'calling' of another 'Scops' Owl had me out of my bunk at 05:00 and racing around the hotel gardens like a demented Roadrunner. As predicted, no such luck but it was a great start to another day of relaxation!

Firstly, I had decided to check out this interesting looking building, seen yesterday, which turned out to be the

  • which, having blagged my way in for a look around, seemed rather to be under-selling it a bit
wot are all these little dots Google
as it is of Olympic proportions

and appears well looked after. I did look out for Tom Daley but no sign.

and why carn't I centralise this photo - CRAP!

Time for a sit down, and that's when I met this lovely couple and shared a coffee and a chat. There was 

plenty on offer to eat, but just not the right time.

not a lot of people know that!

Still trying to cope with what those oafs at Google (who you'll notice haven't even identified this bird yet) describe as an improvement to the Blog Site, there is no time to check on bird identities, I'm starting to loose the plot. but please don't send me home! 

These juvenile Common Mynas have the appearance of tiny Vultures with their head feathers missing,

While there are still attempts to get one decent shot of an Oriental Magpie Robin, not working is it?

White-throated Kingfisher was most obliging in the local park,

while it is hoped that BRAHMINY KITE will be as confiding before this leg of the trip is over.

This SUNBIRD may well be the female of the one above

This Peaceful (Zebra) Dove was looking a little worse for wear, but was taking full advantage of the endless supply of Maggots in the dustbin compound.

The unidentified PIPIT may well be PADDYFIELD but again with no time to check maybe someone will let me know?

and what would a day be without a TREE SPARROW? Well, quite frankly around here you'd be in the wrong place if you didn't see one.

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