Saturday, 19 May 2012

Highway Chile - Jimi Hendrix Experience

 Now, you may call him a Tramp but it goes a little deeper than that, he's a
'Highway Chile'
Another night tucked away in the local Caravan Park sleeping in the car, which for a tiny Suzuki is surprisingly comfortable. Toilet and shower on hand along with the bravery just to bowl in and do the necessary unlike some who have more novel creature comforts (as above). The first couple of hours were spent in the sea-side shelter firstly confirming MULGA PARROT and then trying to sort those little b*s*a*ds out that today were flying past in increased numbers.Returning to the car for a drink I met caravaners
who, confirming I was a 'birdwatcher' told me of the Fairy-Wren Sp, Finch Sp and Quail Sp they had spotted from the boardwalk yesterday, guzzle, guzzle and I needed a walk.
Before leaving there were close but brief views of a
and soon after a view of the ONSLOW SALT MINE, a product shipped all over the world from here.
Both Finch species already seen were easily located and the small covey of possibly 5 BROWN QUAIL were found at the leaking tap as suggested by my informants, but not a sign of a Fairy-Wren.

Now, the distribution map in the Field Guide, although not in 'tablets of stone', clearly shows a bold orange blob covering most of the Continent of Australia, except that is for a few hundred miles inland of the Coastal Fringe. Being well aware of this during other searches I had, along with Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, mentally eliminated the possibility of the small Parrots being the 'much sort after'
but at long last, here the little buggers where flying right over my head, and out to sea.
Not only that, but the deck particularly and many of the bushes were now 'alive' with the little 'beauties',
what a GREAT TICK?
So, once again John your prediction was right!
On the same premise I am, until told differently by Dave (Parrot-Face) Penney, calling these 2 birds
another supposed resident of the interior.
was all else avian for the day, but
this nifty little LIZARD brought another good day to an end.
 The use of the word 'chile' is a deliberate misspelling of the word "child", to mimic that Hendrix didn't pronounce the end of the word, which he also used on the song "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" from Electric Ladyland. Trivia - My house name is 'Sligh Return'.

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