Monday, 21 May 2012

Octopus's Garden - The Beatles (Richard Starkey)

The tiny town of Ashburton is likely the last beach I'll set foot on for a good few days to come, so how fortunate it was to find a large flock of Gulls. All were Silver Gulls but all age plumage's were here so a chance to study the differences. I've searched the net but have been unable to find anything to show aging of this Gull so hope I get it right. I cannot think that they are more than a '3 year species' starting with
First Winter
Second Winter
A Third Year bird (none-breeding adult??)
Then 2 examples of what are thought to be
Breeding Birds
Australian Magpie-Lark
Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike
White-breasted Woodswallow
Blue-ringed Octopus
which on another day might have become a 'tasty treat'.
Just as well it didn't, as showing the photos to a local a little late I was told this particular species is 'deadly poisonous'! It even did a protection 'squirt' to get rid of me.
Brahminy Kite
Some lovely 'wing action' from a Caspian Tern.
Closer view of Termite Mound
The Hinterland

Another Grey-crowned Babbler
Juvenile Torresian Crow
Brown Falcon have been a little thin on the ground the past few days.
Desert Rose
Dreamed I saw a desert rose
Dress torn in ribbons and in bows
Like a siren she calls to me
Sleep comes like a drug
In God's Country
Sad eyes, crooked crosses
In God's Country - U2
and what's that sneaking into the picture? After a long absence a
Tree Sparrow
 The Australian Field Guide only shows this species as occuring in the far south eastern corner of the continent so this record may be of interest to the Western Aurtralia Bird Club, when I get time!
Peaceful (Zebra) Dove
along with Zebra Finch

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