Saturday, 5 May 2012

Return to Tomato Lake - Eventually

The plan was to head for Tomato Lake, a place I described yesterday as 'easy to find', again early morning but having overshot the turning it was the equally productive Edwards Lake that was first on the agenda. First identifiable bird there was this DARTER, so not a bad start.

There were also closer views of AUSTRALIAN GREBE, while in quick succession

 LITTLE PIED CORMORANT was also added to the list

 AUSTRALIAN PELICAN are numerous so no surprises when many more were seen

 and similarly EURASIAN COOT were everywhere, a reminder of home.

 Many hundreds of PACIFIC BLACK DUCKS as well

 but HARDHEAD remained both elusive and distant.

Not so PURPLE SWAMPHEN which were glistening in the bright morning sunshine and a reminder of recent Asian destinations, as were plenty of

 SPOTTED TURTLE (as they call them here) DOVES

 MAGPIE LARK are a terrific little birds as are

 WELCOME SWALLOWS to the local populations

as their name derives from being a 'welcome' sight at the end of Winter.

 Another numerous species is the SACRED IBIS

 originally an import from Southern Africa.

I was lucky enough to even relocate the MUSK DUCK, let alone have it cruising so close to the bank,

 as they are usually very nervous.

Unfortunately the tail was never showing, but is huge and most Cormorant-like.


and finally DUSKY MOORHEN, with a juvenile bringing up the rear.
By mid-day it was time to leave and head south with the hope of reaching BUNBURY before nightfall.
Apologies to all who have sent e-mails to which I have not yet replied. Time is short and access is sporadic, but the 'cheque IS in the post'!

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