Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty - Florrie Ford

Take me back to dear old Blighty!
Put me on the train for London town!
Take me over there, drop me ANYWHERE,
Liverpool, Leeds, or Weymouth Town, well, I don`t care!  
Each time I have passed this sign, showing what looks like a Lobster, I have meant to stop and read it, managing to remember today. In The Name Of Conservation. As for the rest of this final day, it was given over to simply wandering and picking up/photographing whatever was on show.
The first almost in focus was DUSKY GERYGONE (pronounced Jer-ig- on- he) an addition to the World List, so the very best of starts to the day and ends to the trip.
One of the Robin / Chat family, I have been unable to sort this one as yet but still working on it.
There's no doubt about the ambition of the little fella given the size of prey!
No shortage of CRESTED TERNs but they are so obliging, approachable and photogenic, they are irresistible.
Along with the Terns was this smart looking LITTLE PIED CORMORANT
while foraging the margins was the ever-present WILLY WAGTAIL.
Have been trying for a 'rump' shot of FAIRY MARTIN since they first appeared on the scene, this was accomplished today,
getting WELCOME SWALLOW 'by the stern' at the same time.
 Second sighting and first photograph of an all to distant AUSTRALIAN GANNET, but better than nothing,
but returning to the cabin for lunch the next subjects, fresh out of the fridge,
were somewhat closer and still.
2 good looking Hawk-moths.
Taking just a short drive early afternoon, the 2 tiny black and white birds on the overhead cables were initially though to be White-fronted Chat,
but stopping the car they were seen to be WHITE-BACKED SWALLOW.
Continuing on foot, one immediately took to the wing
while the other took to posing.
 Didn't notice 'The Shark' when taking this shot.
Yes, more adult PACIFIC GULL 'in flight' shots, the Gull archive is now brimming with them - thankfully!
and finally, what are thought to be VARIAGATED FAIRY-WREN, but I could stand being corrected on that. It should be note that they are 3 separate birds.
By the time you read this I should be winging my way back to England, but not as yet home. Another strange coincidence has delayed my return to Weymouth as described in an E-mail from my dear friend Hugh Dampney. He has been in Belgium over the past few days, competing in the Brussels Half Marathon and visiting his sister with his arrival back in London coinciding with mine. His proposal had been to drive me back to Parley Court where I could 'chill' for a couple of days, shaking off the 'jet lag' and doing a little birding as and when I feel like it. Knowing well the hospitality I receive there, not to mention the cuisine and cellar, how could I refuse?

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