Thursday, 17 May 2012

When The Boat Comes In - Trad

were everywhere today as we continued the journey north, avoiding wherever possible the main 
Indian Ocean Highway.
At the tiny coastal hamlet of Port Gregory there were a series of very interesting looking Salt Pans, but without a bird to be seen they were committed to the memory bank as potential on the return run - surely something must be attracted here at some time or other? Just a short stop here to pick up more water did have an added benefit as a small party of 
RINGNECKs (Port Lincoln) encountered at fairly close quarters
and seemingly unconcerned at my presence. Not sure about the name, the Port Lincoln bit being a mystery and no designation as to Parakeet, Lorikeet etc. Back on track and rounding the next bend, there at the side of the road stood Rod Hull! Yes, I'm aware of rooftops and TV aerials but there he was. If proof were needed not a mile further on was the first of 26'ish
Firstly, a group of an estimated 20 individuals feeding by the roadside, but quickly disappearing into the long grass as I pulled a U-turn. Later this family group of 6 were spotted and although distant enough did allow a shot or two. It may well have been Rod was there doing auditions?

Not caring one little bit for those who use wild creatures as 'playthings', I gave Monkey Mia (advertising "Swim and Touch Real Live Dolphins") a real wide berth, while as for reasons of being a 'big town' the same went for Carnarvon. We were now covering some ground but the birdlife was becoming same, same. You can only shoot what you see.
plus a flight of very obliging and aerobatic
at EXMOUTH where I ended up spending the night.

It's almost time to turn 'inland' and that means no fish, so all the stops were pulled out today. The ploy involves (1) finding your angler, (2) tickle his/her ego "bet you've caught some beauties in you time, (3) cor, those look good could use one of those for tea, (4) walk away with what I did this afternoon, a decent 'side' of Barramundi, one of my favourites. No shortage of BBQ's along the coast, many with gas supplied so, with your correspondent full of 'fresh fish', here's today's offering.

You shall have a Fishy on a little dishy, you shall have a Fishy
When the Boat Comes In

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