Thursday, 24 May 2012

Will It Go Round In Circles - Paul Weller

I found last nights bivouac in the car park of the Meekathara Roadhouse along with about 50 others, mostly lorry drivers but a few caravans and campers. When travelling, the saying goes that you are never far from someone who knows someone you know - are you still with me? That was proved conclusively this morning as I arrived at the shower. Polishing the 'ivories' I noted a Midland accent and asked the man where he was from. "Leicester" came the reply, so I followed by saying "guess you must at least have heard of Sibbo then"? "Was in the same class at school as Troy, and did a bit of boxing with Craig (Tony's brothers) - but Tony was a little senior for us". British, European and Commonwealth Middleweight Champion and outright holder of 3 Lonsdale Belts, Sibbo and I have been good mates for many a year. He would readily tell you himself he met his match when facing (Marvellous) Marvin Hagler for the World Title, but nonetheless lasted 6 rounds with arguably the greatest ever in that division. I cannot end this tail without telling a wide audience that I too have beaten Sibbo - one of the best frames of snooker I ever played.

All of this took place at about the remotest spot I'll visit this trip and the number of stars on display again last night was only equalled by the number of
It must have amounted to 'tens' of 'thousands', these shots falling well short of painting an accurate picture.
It was the turn of BLACK-FACED WOODSWALLOW to face the camera today, and while clicking away there was just time to swing round and capture this
DINGO before it beat a hasty retreat.
Stopping at a remote Homestead, I asked permission to take a look around while stating my intent,
and found a new species for the trip.
YELLOW-THROATED MINER is familiar from other trips
but a bonus to commit it to the photo archive.
This attractive BUTTERFLY was common in the garden
as were MONARCHS but the latter never fell to the lens.
The jury is still out on this little fella,
but my money goes on SLATY-BACKED THORNBIRD
a species of the interior which, if proven, will be an addition to the World List.
I could have snapped away at scenes like this all day, still spellbound by this beautiful country.
While talking of confirmations
how will this do for
a fantastic start to the day.
There had been a fair share of drought out here as well as earlier in UK, none more so than in the outback, so to find this patch of water was sure to bring its rewards? White-faced Herons and Australian Pelican were first to be seen, but swinging the 'scope around
a couple of these Black-fronted Plover were found along with 7 Red-necked Avocet but all distant.
Reaching the town of CUE we were met by a rowdy bunch of Little Corella and a few more
Yellow-throated Miners and
Little Crow
Right, can we have a little quiet now please?
Almost full circle, we should arrive back at the coast early tomorrow morning with that itch still needing a good scratch.

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