Thursday, 14 June 2012

Snap, Crackle & Bop - John Cooper Clarke

What's That Got To Do With Anything?
 Nothing! The Headline simply relates to the disc I have in the machine at the moment (thoroughly recommended).
A nice change to find no rain beating against the windows aided by high winds, so a chance to spring out of bed early and follow some well beaten tracks. Its been a few days since there was a 'dawn chorus' so following the sounds I headed straight for the cemetery where,
with the aid of a little 'pishing' a whole bunch of GREAT TITS appeared from the shelter of the pines, along with several new born Goldcrests suggesting a successful breading season despite the atrocious weather.
STARLINGs too where gathering food for young, but ever onward to Radipole (short-cut you understand), immediately coming across
a couple of stands of BEE ORCHID - how delicately beautiful can it get?
 In addition CETTI'S WARBLERs were as vocal and visible as I've ever seen them.
In just a 10 minute walk across the Theme Park no fewer than 9 distinct and separate birds showed themselves on prominent perches - don't they know it's not April?
At the bridge a family of COOT were feeding on the recently watered grass, but now time to move on to Ferry Bridge. Expecting little, and finding it as far as Terns were concerned with a total absence, the distant medium size Wader on the low tide line was worth investigation.
A COMMON REDSHANK? not a bad record considering the time of year
and retaining much of that lovely 'summer plumage', I was already content, but there was more.
A KNOT was totally unexpected, but nonetheless there.

They cavorted together for some long time

although not as close as I would have liked (where have we heard that before?)

but joined by a 'summer plumage' DUNLIN made for a bonny picture.
A small number of ROOKs have been here for a number of years now, so no surprise but always good to record on Portland.
A distant OYSTERCATCHER was also expected
and given the small number of Butterflies around at the moment, this COMMON BLUE was a first of the year for me!
The 'pink carpet' of Thrift has now gone over for another year, but adequately replaced by a shock of yellow BIRD's-FOOT TREFOIL,
over which a male KESTREL was successfully hunting.
Nearing the Sailing Academy again, there is always time to linger and take in the view at the north end of Portland, including the Arch Entrance to the Verne Prison.
Here, LINNETs were feeding along with

ROCK PIPIT while this

MEADOW PIPIT must have thought it had escaped the lens, you'll have to be quicker than that son!
Time to take a look at the Research Vessel CEFAS ENDEAVOUR from various angles, secured at Queen's Pier - to find out more visit

and to view the Tanker IERAX entering Portland Harbour (unusually) via the North Ship Channel!
Otherwise, there was only a CARRION CROW at Portland Castle to observe, but to watch them deftly
remove the last remains of a Slipper Limpet from its shell is a technique to behold. It was now time for a bite to eat and a pre-arranged lunch

at The Famous Old Spa on Dorchester Road where I met up with my friend Lesley along with John Gifford and his sister Maggie. Good to see these people again after my absence and an extended thanks the the young man who obliged by taking the photograph - I feel sure you will have tuned in!

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