Monday, 30 July 2012

Error of My Ways - Wishbone Ash

Having brought you much of the lead-up and preparations for the Portland and Weymouth Olympic Sailing Events, today it's back to whatever may be described as 'normal'. I doubt it would be possible for me to keep track of the results anyway, so will refer the reader to the LINK published on Saturday. There are some residue photographs from last week that didn't make the cut then, due to time and space, which are thought worthy of publication today.
Firstly from around our neighbourhood, some of the efforts of 'locals' who have brightened things up
for The Games and
for Summer.
With the season seemingly now firmly upon us (that'll bring rain tomorrow for sure) it was no surprise to find both GREYLING and
CHALKHILL BLUE Butterflies along Portland's West Cliff, but in nowhere like the numbers that would be considered the 'norm'!
Moth numbers however have increased during recent muggy, warm nights with this MARBLED GREEN captured at the Portland Bird Observatory, and a
COMMON LUTESTRING found in Ricky Lambert's garden trap. Of great interest to me as I have never seen a 'Lutestring' of any species.
A BUSHCRICKET type but have no idea of identity,
while MARBLED WHITE presents no such problem.
With Rosie Morgan at the helm for much of the week's 'bird ringing' activities,
she came up trumps with this (WINTER) WREN, an opportunity for my guests to see such a tiny bird 'in the hand'
while this male LINNET remained 'in the bush'.
This blurred image from my friend Andy Lindsay is significant in that it shows a visit by a historic Stream Engine to our town.
It is noteworthy for another reason, in that the photo was taken through the reed-bed at Radipole and shows the locomotive 4464 named, coincidentally, BITTERN. I guess this is the biggest Bittern anyone has ever seen from the reserve?
Here's what she looks like on a 'Good Day'.
 Mister Bean Olympic Opening 
and finally, a few amendments to yesterday's post which to be kind to myself was a Comedy of ERRORS
The Harris's youngest son is not Matthew (he's the elder) as reported, but Michael (blame it on the Burgundy) while
the Dragonfly was also cocked up, it is in fact an immature male SOUTHERN HAWKER and not Emperor. Thanks to Paul Harris for both corrections. Now for a subject I should have some knowledge of, but NO........
HMS OCEAN is nowhere near our shores but where she has been for the past 2 weeks, playing Guard Ship in the Pool of London.
The vessel concerned with the safety of the Olympics at Portland and Weymouth is in fact the Royal Navy's Flagship HMS BULWARK while
this Old Lady of the Sea is in fact the BALMORAL and not as suggested the Caledonia. Land Lubbers wouldn't know that if you look at the bow of almost any ship in the world you will find its name, seems nor do I. Thanks for the correction go in turn to The Secret Lemonade Drinker and Dave Rashley.

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