Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Moth to the Flame - Thunder

The idea yesterday had been to present the Weymouth flood photos in comparison with current shot when the waters had receded, however that was before Mister Merlot showed his hand. The extended, impromptu lunch was shared with a series of friends showing up in a more or less continuous trickle and true to form once it's GAME ON there is great difficulty pulling myself away!
I feel sure readers could have worked this out for themselves, but here are the comparisons anyway.

The Westham Underpass
The Foot/Cycle Track leading under Westham Road Bridge,
and The Gurkha Restaurant where I am told inside refurbishment and the construction of a new al fresco area had only been completed the day before the deluge. Being a patron of the restaurant I know just how hard the Nepalese Team there work, and would strongly recommend a visit - you will receive a warm welcome.

Today broke with an overcast sky, painting a dull picture across the Borough, a brisk sou'westerly breeze and that lingering chill in the air, it was nice to see SUMMER is continuing! Again the plan was to head for Ferry Bridge to catch the first of the 'flood tide' in the hope of an early migrant Wader or two, but as I left home the heavens opened forcing a quick return. Funny how fate lends a hand, as had not Mr Merlot taken the reigns yesterday it would have been a return to the archive for a little eye-candy. As it was apart from the flood shots all other images remained 'in the can'. so here they are:-
At the Bridge things are now changing on a daily basis with the arrival of this flock of Olympic Sailing Safety Boats, while over on the exposed sand a single
MEDITERRANEAN GULL was still in attendance
along with c2 Dunlin, c17 Ringed Plover plus singles of Oystercatcher and Little Egret. It is of note that the newly hatched Little Terns are also doing very well with parent birds carrying a continuous supply of Sandeels from Portland Harbour to the Fleet. In addition, Latest News Portland Bird Obs reported an increase of Dunlin numbers to 10 along with a single Greenshank.
Returning to the grassy verges of Portland Harbour every bird that could sing seemed to be doing so including this young ROCK PIPIT
and a PIED WAGTAIL along with Skylark, Goldfinch, Linnet, Dunnock and Wren.
At the National Sailing Academy it looked as if the whole
Olympic Squadron had unfurled their sails. With few other birds to report and another poor day for Butterflies it was again down to the Bird Observatory Moth Traps to provide a little colour and excitement to both myself and the readership.
BUFF FOOTMAN was a good capture as an infrequent but annual visitor to the Island,
while POPLAR HAWK-MOTH was representative of the larger insects.
DARK ARCHES are common with a good number in the traps today,
but the first appearance of GARDEN TIGER this year was represented by just a singleton.
Some confusion as to name could occur here as this is BRIGHT-LINE BROWN-EYE
while this specimen is BROWN-LINE BRIGHT-EYE, at least that is if  I've got it right!
SMOKY WAINSCOT is also quite common and part of a fairly large family group, it is hoped that later in the season we may see a couple more varieties from this family.

I would like to pass on an e-mail from my friend Nick Stantiford requesting a little help from the readership regarding the Portland Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter, so over to Nick.
Thanks Paul that will help so very much.
Don’t really believe in divine intervention but due to the appalling flooding in Dorset the Portland SAR crew flew 8 missions yesterday between 09.00 and 20.00 assisting no fewer than 15 casualties. Yet still our great and glorious Government insist that it’s a non-essential service that can be simply cast aside, I suspect entirely in the name of economics, whilst the bent ‘bankers’ exit stage left with payoffs that would fund our chopper for years to come. Funny old world!
Onwards and upwards
I have just added my weight to the petition, which we are both hoping you will all sign, a very easy process to save a facility which in the past may have saved Nick's life. Thank You all in anticipation - here's the Link
while this Link relates to the day after Nick's dramatic rescue as coincidentally reported on this Blog Tuesday 03/05/2011 and Wednesday 04/05/2011

and finally, this morning it was found that the United Kingdom readership reached a massive 60,223 as the United States hit the 6,000 mark.

Num Perc. Country Name

drill down6022371.71%United KingdomUnited Kingdom
drill down60267.18%United StatesUnited States
drill down11421.36%CanadaCanada
drill down9231.10%AustraliaAustralia
drill down9121.09%GermanyGermany
drill down7860.94%EstoniaEstonia

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