Sunday, 15 July 2012

Prince Charming - Adam and the Ants

A fantastic evening with BOWIE

and SHEILA over an Indian meal, a few grogs and sessions from Joe Bonamassa Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, David Bowie Archive and Elvis in Las Vegas, was followed by what would be considered a 'late starrt' as a rule. As it was I was meeting up with
SYENNY LEE (right) from Taiwan again and her Chinese flat mate WEI GE at 10;00 for the Bagsy Tour of Portland. By the time we alighted the bus what clouds had been in evidence had mostly rolled away giving way to a serious bout of sunshine. No complaints there and despite a chill breeze there was for a change a pleasant feel to the day.
None of my guests or visitors get away without a visit to LANO'S BRIDGE
which never fails to be a photo call favourite. Walking under the arc and reaching the raised ground I asked each in turn to close their eyes and allow me to direct them up the bank. At the top they were allowed to open them
to behold what has to be the greatest vista in Dorset, 

or even the South Coast for that matter.
Then she sat me down on a stone cold throne carved in jade, Lilywhite Lilith - Genesis.
The view from New Road across the scree to the village of FORTUNESWELL.
Part of the WEST CLIFF towards Tar Rocks.
Small monuments to the Portland Stone Industry

Along with the statue 'Spirit of Portland' depicting

and a STONE MASON the 2 key industries of the Island.
By the time we reached CHEYNE I think both ladies were impressed with what our beautiful Island hold and were keen for more, they would not be disappointed.
We walked the EAST CLIFF taking in one of the three BOAT LIFTS
and the WATERFALL at Reedy Ditch

before coming across Hugh and Annie were were down to their beach hut for the weekend.
Now in view of all 3 of Portland's Lighthouses we decided on a couple of distant shots before closing on the active light.
Plenty of tourist out and about today, a lot of them trying a spot of fishing.
We were even lucky enough to get a prolonged look at the now resident ATLANTIC GREY SEAL.
Syenny at the 'active' Lighthouse.

Wei and Syenny at PULPIT ROCK

and Wei with me same place.
 Most certainly time for lunch and a visit to the PULPIT INN and the hospitality of Danny Fox and his team.
My guests were wanting Traditional English and what better place
for a Sunday Roast and a pint of Cider?
After the excellent fare we took a moment to watch this large Container Ship pass the Trinity House Obelisk before heading for our own final port of call,

The Warden kindly allowed us to climb
to the top of the Old Lower Lighthouse

taking photos as we went.

The 360 degree view from here is also one not to miss

as we looked out over the English Channel to the south and

field systems to the north.

A last shot before decent and on to

the Garden and Bird Ringing before catching the bus back to Weymouth. A long but most worthwhile day and while I LOVE wandering around this |Magic Isle, I love it even more when showing it off to visitors. Thanks go to Wei and Syenny for their delightful company today and to all of those who were also part of it. 

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