Sunday, 19 August 2012

Band of Gypsies - Jimi Hendrix

Still playing 'catch-up' we have to return to yesterday again, but before doing so there is just the matter of a small complaint at the hotel. The breakfast menu clearly states 'porridge with Bailey's/Jamison's' but each of us found at least 3 flakes of oats in our cereal this morning. The Management have been informed.
All 5 of us agree that Cork has been the very best of destinations to to spend a lad's weekend and we have had nothing but excellent service, great food and drink and as is so often the case people who are the salt of the earth
The Gothic cathedral is magnificent
while the Murphy's continues to flow. We are told that Guinness is for the holiday trade while Murphy's and Beemish are the brews to drink.
We caught it just right for the European Motorbike Festival, with a parade of noisy machines driving through the city.
PORTUGAL well represented.
The whole place thrives on a number of maritime disasters, not least the Titanic which docked here at Cobh (Cove) for the very last time.
The tiny harbour at COBH.
As the plaque states, the SS LUSITANIA also met her end close to where we are standing.
The train back to Cork city centre
viewing cargo ships and 
other vessels plying the River Lee on the way.
An ancient Steam Engine was the finale to the days viewing before heading for food and the nightlife.
THE LOFT was a great place to start and as with all other the service and food here was of the highest order.
Along with more Murphy's, and Jamison's a couple of bottles of decent Argentinian Malbec were consumed and at last I have chance to introduce the Band of Gypsies.
John and Jim (Skinny Kid) Tunnicliffe.
along with Ian and Craig we consumed Calamari, Pork Loin, Fish and Chips plus Bread and Butter Pudding, I feel a dance coming on!
On the way to Black Oak Nightclub we past THE ONION SELLER
then quickly found our way into the company of some of the local late night boogiers.
The future, if indeed there is one, is most certainly RED!
CRAIG and IAN now seemingly under the influence of Captain Jamison
while yours truly paid homage to one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived, local boy. RORY GALLAGHER
while in another corner there stood a shrine
to the legend that is PHIL LYNOTT (Thin Lizzy).
Not for the first time I was asked if I am Peter Green, the man responsible for the formation of Fleetwood Mac, as he too is a Flippin' Fat Git!
No amount of denial was going to change the minds of the revellers so we all just went with the flow
enjoying a brilliant and alcohol fuelled evening.
The other 3 went on early, about 02:00, while Jim and I went for a serious nightcap and a sing-along with the buskers of which there were a few. 03:30 saw us safely tucked up in our hammocks and back on parade for breakfast at 08:00 this morning. Could only face 2 helpings of porridge before going onto the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and all else that went with it. We were on the road again by 9, but that will have to wait for manana - must get down to the cèilidh.


  1. Weymouth's answer to Peter Green.

    "Don't ask me what I think of you,
    I might not give the answer that you want me to."
    Oh Well. {:)

  2. Very Good Roy, particularly from a 'Man of the World'.
    Yours Bagsy