Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cuckoo Cocoon - Genesis

You didn't have to be a meteorologist to predict this mornings imminent weather, so no alarms and no surprises as persistent heavy rain set in at 09:00. Another chance to get things done indoors, but again a reliance on the photograph archive to bring a little colour to today's post. Having been absent for all of the Spring there are still several species of bird I need to catch up with for the Year List, so here are some that have joined the total so far.
and the far more dowdy female COMMON REDSTART.
LITTLE STINT both recorded at Ferry Bridge, while
this one 'in the hand' was caught on the Buchan Alpha Oil Rig some years ago.
PIED FLYCATCHER wasn't represented by a nice male,
but again by a few less striking females.
TREE PIPIT was only heard as I wandered the Top Fields some days ago,
but maybe a chance to see another plucked from a 'mist net' later in the year. Come back Prof all is forgiven!
I had 'heard' a CUCKOO earlier in the year at Parley Court Farm, so it was technically already on the Year List,
but to catch sight as I wandered Avalanche Road was considered a great bonus.
Finally, the 27th of the month also saw the second anniversary of the finding of Dorset's only

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