Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel

but not for long!
Despite some heavy overnight rain, the moth trap still provided 3 additions to the Farm List one of which proved to be something of a scarcity in the county.
THE SALLOW, looking a little anaemic due to over-exposure, along with
COMMON MARBLED CARPET were not altogether unexpected
but DEEP-BROWN DART was a completely new one on me.
Having been out of the 'game' for some while combined with leaving my Moth Field Guide at home, I had to recruit help from Paul Harris to confirm my identifications. Having got the first 2 (almost) right, I had put the third down to Black Rustic which I am told is the only confusion species with Deep-brown Dart. By no means an annual sight in Dorset, I further found that 2 have been caught by Martin Cade, Warden of the Portland Bird Observatory (2007 and 2008), while over the years our farmer friend Hugo Wood-Homer seems to recall he has secured about 5 records. Thanking Paul for all his efforts, he found it of sufficient interest to send the record and photograph to Dorset Moth Group.
A stiff north westerly wind plus every sign of rain was the order of the day, but a minor emergency and the recovery of the Clancy Moth Book saw me return to Weymouth during a break in farm duties. More or less on the way is Hartland Moor which had to be worth a look, and where I found a couple of
 a few GOLDCREST, which are also building in numbers back at Parley,
Unfortunately, time was short but not to short to forsake a visit to Portland having been absent now for almost 2 weeks. Very little to report bird-wise, but
WALL BUTTERFLY was still on the wing, while the 'lines' of the
Yacht SCEPTRE, passing close under the East Cliff, where worth more than a second look. All else to report was another first yesterday when I ate Grey Squirrel for the first time. Seemingly the 'in' dish at many upmarket restaurants these days, when the opportunity arose I took it - That's Life!


  1. ooooO! Squirrel....Had squirrel a couple weeks ago. Living next door to a game-keeper, l get all sorts. Bit of a so and so to skin, unlike a rabbit. Once done....Sprinkle with herbs, garlic and olive oil....And, with a metal barby-rod shoved up it's......Bottom! On the barby for about five minutes each side...Enjoy...!!! :).

  2. Yum, Yum will be over next time you get a Badger.
    Yours Bagsy