Saturday, 29 December 2012

Trinidad and Tobago (well at least Tobago)

After a quiet night cruising, we arrived off of
punctually at 06:00. Alongside by 07:00 and Immigration cleared just 30 minutes later.
 On the way in there were a crowd of ROYAL TERN on one of the dolphins
 and amongst then a COMMON TERN*

 It was the ship and Riggers spooking the birds.

From my lofty perch there was just a single CARIBBEAN MARTIN*, out of the dozen or so, that was brave enough to perch briefly, it may well have been a breeding site with all the movement.
 Once again one of the first ashore,
 and while there had been a chance of a Birding Pal nothing had been firmed up so decided to go solo.
was most obliging before reaching the nearby Bus Dept where the people were in the same frame of mind. It was TT$8 (a couple of quid or so) to get to Roxborough on the north east of the Island and a fantastic birding area behind a neatly arranged estate of bungalows.
 First on show was CATTLE EGRET
 and in a nearby huge, orange flowered tree were an estimated 150+ Hummingbirds

 this one remaining unidentified
 with this thought to be WHITE-NECKED JACOBIN*?
 They were all over the place and spoiled for choice on which one to focus

 Good numbers of BLUE and WHITE TANAGER
but the surprise coming by way of CRESTED OROPENDOLA the first 'lifer' of the day.
 Cheeky SMOOTH-BILLED ANI were all over the place giving a chance of better images than before.
 A couple of colorful DRAGONFLIES made for a diversion,
 but it was soon back to not knowing precisely what had been photographed?
but possibly a RUBY TOPAZ, hope to get these sorted out en-route
 One of the dozen or so regional variations of (grey-chinned) BANANAQUIT

and a strange looking 'grass'.

 c3 SOUTHERN LAPWING* were patroling the dried out river bed close to the center of town,

while a PALM TANAGER* graced the power cables as I made an 'overlong' wait for the bus.Each person who arrived at the stop told me a different time, and finally a lady changed $US5 and we traveling a collectivo taxi back to the capita'. Out of the change there was enough for 2 beers, much needed after 6 hours in 85F.
An update on the score so far.
Trip Total = 121    'Lifers' = 14

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