Friday, 4 January 2013

A Day At Sea

Inevitable on such a trip that sooner or later we would have to spend another 'full' day at sea, which for me meant a 'full' day at the taff-rail. Great things were expected as there half a dozen or so seabirds that would be welcome in the log. Conditions were also right, but not for the majority, with a fresh 4 - 5 easterly wind, as can be seen from some images a decent sea running and not too much bright sunlight.
A weather phenomenon I had not beheld before was an almost complete 'circular' rainbow, but with the small camera still in 'dry-dock' a better image was not possible. the arc started on the bow forming an arc that ended amidships and only 30 or so degrees short of a complete circle.
First on scene was this MASKED BOOBY, the closes one has got thus far
and simply flew at close quarters for mile upon mile.
 The next bird on site was a good deal further away and only made the single pass before disappearing to the north.

If I have the identification right and it is a
 BLACK-CAPPED PETREL then this will be another 'life-bird' for me.
I await a second opinion.
FLYING FISH, plenty of these today including 'thousands' of very tiny (2") ones.
POMARINE SKUA is new for the trip

while juvenile BROWN BOOBY, honing its fishing skills, is already in the log.
A long day on watch with not a lot of birds, but worth every minute.

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