Thursday, 31 January 2013

Georgetown, Guyana - Part I

Arrived Georgetown, the capital of Guyana (country number 136), late evening and by chance had met Bristolian's Dick and Els en route who gave me a lift into the city, some 30Km. Not unusually their driver was more than helpful finding me accommodation and by mid-night I was 'turned in' at the Sleepin' International Hotel (recommended).
 First thing this morning I took the 20 minutes walk, via this 'ethnic' statue, to the
 A tantalising taster of what might be forthcoming during the day.
 First to flush was
 BLACK-CAPPED DONOCOBIUS which didn't hang about.
 and what, given the prominent eye-ring, I suspect to be SPECTACLED CAIMAN were more obliging as was the only
 PALE-BELLIED THRUSH of the day, enough to get it on the World List.
That certainly could not be said of GREAT KISKADEE undoubtedly the most prolific bird here. On every building, bush, tree etc my estimate was 2-300 during the course of the day. However,
a couple of them did show, the not often seen, bright crown patch.
 I did endeavor to buy a camera today, then the whole building could have been shown, but it was difficult enough to find a food shop let alone 'electrical'.
What is believed to be a female EUPHONIA, of one description or another, was alone and without the help of the male no chance of identification. Beautiful nonetheless!
 What was presumed to be animal meat, thrown into the lake and river for the Caiman, was attracting a huge
 number of FLIES
 There is a zoo here, and where there's a zoo there is food and where there is food there are usually birds so worth a look. Not a fan, and to see the largest (HARPY) EAGLE in the world confined to this tiny cage did my head in.
 Although seen in Costa Rica (2004) this is likely to be all I'll see of this magnificent species.
 Tell-tale 'croaking' from deep in the reed-bed
 soon manifested itself into a fine and obliging
(very surprised we have not encountered one before this).
 Anyone fancy a shot at this 'early bather', I can't do it!
 PALE-VENTED PIGEON (in company of, 'what else')
 Whoops, someone must have flicked the monochrome while I wasn't looking?
I will be back at the same site tomorrow to chase up those missed today!
Not what could be called 'stunning shots' but this
back at Mateo's in Panama was a 'lifer'!

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