Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Puerto Cortes, Honduras

Bit of a disaster day in Puerto Cortes as I knew exactly where I wanted to go, taxi driver assured me he knew where the Nature Reserve was, agreed a price then two and a half hours later he starts asking the locals if they knew where it was. Not a good sign! Well, that's as maybe and we did see a few birds but not the Macaws and Toucans promised.
Wherever this tiny coastal village was it wasn't where we needed to be!
I felt the taxi driver was now well enough trained to know to stop at the mere sight of a bird and did so for this overflying 
which conveniently perched in a nearby tree.
 BUTTERFLY may be same as a couple of days ago?
 and a small flock of WOOD STORK (5)

and finally, this hapless RODENT had 'fallen' to the local children who, despite a cash incentive, where not prepared to release to poor beast. However, that was a league better than what was met further ahead, c10 White-fronted Parrots confined to a cage and 'for sale' by the roadside!

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