Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Space In Time - Ten Years After

I feel fortunate that there isn't a lot brings me to tears, but do have to admit to something of a blub this morning when I received news from my dear friend Andy Lindsay that Alvin Lee had passed away. 'Front Man' for the seminal 60' blues band 'Ten Years After' for Lee the word LEGEND was not out of place. My first experience of him, along with the full line up of TYA,
Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals
Leo Lyons – bass
Chick Churchill – keyboards
Ric Lee – drums
was at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival where I also found out that he was a 'townie' of mine, having been born in Nottingham in 1944 just 18 months earlier than myself. Subsequently, I enjoyed a number of the bands gigs around the country, along with all their albums and along with everyone else will simply remember Alvin
 complete with signature 'Band the Bomb' guitar
strutting it with his mates
Ten Years After
After a lifetime of sensational Blues, for me his finest hour was in later life on the release of Pure Blues which brought to the masses the track - The Bluest Blues click the link for a real treat!
During my final couple of days in French Guyana the plan is to take it easy, give the readership a flavour of the capital Cayenne and consider any bird-life a bonus. I already know that didn't last for long - keep tuning in!
Having had my friend SOOTY STOCKLEY
to drive me from Kourou to Cayenne was a bonus,
'n if that ain't you John I'll have to ask for the taxi fare back.
Starting at the BOTANICAL GARDENS was thought best with 
maybe a chance of adding all 3 elements.
Unfortunately, apart from a few very interesting plants
the whole place was a little run down with only c6 birds recorded.
Ever onward to the center of town
which was in parts a little run-down, but in other fairly modern.
With a lifetime fascination of the subject the
was always going to be a winner.
The MULLET (silver) were of most interesting with
many estimated at being well over the 10lb mark.
That's a 'huge' Mullet by GB standards, the last time I looked the
British Rod Caught Record stood at 10lb 10oz.
Other species were of interest with a few 'small' Sharks.
and finally, a couple of interesting Links via the e-Mails, first from Steve Smith who like many of us is still determined to help 'Save the Planet'. To SIGN and Make a Difference will take a matter of seconds Cockatoos NOT Coal
News from Panama - Conclusive proof that once I leave a country things go to Rat S**t! Thanks to Janet Read                   


  1. Well..Well...Alvin Lee...
    What a shame....And, Ten Years After....Yeah!

    Just heard on the 6 o'clock news...Kenny Ball has died...82.

  2. Bloody hell Mate, at this rate I'll have to get mi Banjo back from the Porn Shop. At least Kenny got a decent 'innings', 68? yer only still a 'Nipper'!
    Make the most of what you have left and every day count, that's where I'm coming from.
    Cheers Willie