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America (West Side Story) - The Sharks (in oppose toThe Jets)

BERNARDO (George Chakiris)
Everywhere grime in America, Organized crime in America
Terrible time in America
ANITA (Rita Moreno)
You forget I'm in America
I think I'll go back to San Juan
I know what boat you can get on - Good-bye, Ta-ta
Everyone there will give big cheers
Everyone there will have moved here
There is something of a conundrum here on Puerto Rico, as to whether its people consider the Island a country, in its own right, or simply an extension of the United States of America. Whichever, I cannot remember a warmer welcome anywhere on earth as first meeting the Immigration Officer at the Airport and posing the question, receiving the reply "we are 'part of' the USA but not 'connected to' the USA". No wiser I then approached the Customs Official who greeted me at 10 yards with a jaunty "welcome Captain"! With no reference to the word Captain on any of my documentation I was intrigued to know why he had welcomed me in such a way. "The sea is in your eyes" he replied as we continued the chat for a full 15 minutes thereafter. Next was the Flights Ticketing Office where again I was engaged in conversation about anything and everything apart from 'airline tickets' and so onward to Tourist Information. The two lovely ladies there quickly had me accommodated, supplied with maps etc, phoned the local 'bird guide' and advised on transportation. So impressed, I popped down the concourse for 3 x Cinnamon Buns!
The answer to the original question points to the official title of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which is not recognised by the United Nations as an 'official country' but independence or statehood (of the USA) are in abeyance and regularly discussed. My own stance is that it has its own Government, flag is a 'tick' and so joins my Country List until such times as the US show full conviction and make it the 51st State or, preferably, not - TICK 140.
 Arriving at the Hotel La Playita this was the view to the West,
and to the East with ever clearing skies.
To be honest, my first thoughts were that I had landed in the worst place possible a seaside resort like Weymouth on August Bank Holiday weekend, but that feeling was about to change. As I walked in the Rolling Stones were bashing out 'Brown Sugar' closely followed by Floyds - 'Time' and Zep's - 'Tea For One', now who would want to leave that.
 Settled in, there followed a wander to Walgreen's
for supplies and astonishment at this establishment which is a thriving
Cock Fighting Venue!

RED-LEGGED THRUSH were in just about every garden,
BANANAQUIT were in every garden
 with a pair even nesting in the patio Restaurant awning.
All of these were well outnumbered by 3 species of Dove.
 including attendant juveniles along with
and Common Ground Dove
Oh Lord above send down a Dove
with wings as sharp a razors.
To cut the throats of them there blokes
as sells bad beer to Sailors.
 Now there's a familiar face, but this was the best we could do.
None seemed to want to break cover.

Taking a short cut along the beach there were a number of
GREEN IGUANA to be seen
including this Giant
 and a youngster.
 For my next trick (after walking on water) may I suggest
'casting your nets on the other side'.
 and CRABs.
 Back at the hotel, this is all I had to look forward to.
 Oh, and the air conditioned outside bar, and the music, and
with current weather conditions in England,
I doubt you want to hear much more?
You'll notice on the back bulkhead a number of intriguing signs
many of which seemed to be influenced by THE BEATLES.
 It'll be nice for someone else to share the burden.
John Winston Lennon 1940 - 1980
Wot, and waste al that AMMO?
 Try to see it my way do I have to keep on talking 'til I can't go on?
 But I don't care 2 much for money!
 Unless they are of the treacherous kind.
Do you read me JUDAS - best send for the Police!
Having successfully managed this for more than 6 decades,
 to change now would be far too much of a culture shock!
 It might be one of my Old Ships, still firmly fast on the reef!
 Talking of which.
 Will have to consult Gene Kelly on this one.
 Now there's a feeling I know well.
 Wouldn't think of traveling without any one of these aids.
 Maybe you are, WATCH THIS SPACE!
 No good to me, my mouth is too full of FOOT.
 What a waste, cut out the Middle Man I say.
 and kicks him out.
Only decent thing she ever did!
 Unless you are a reader of The Bagsy Blog
Over and Out!

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