Monday, 25 March 2013

Black-and-White - Three Dog Night

There is no great gallop to leave Dominican Republic, so the next day or two will continue to be centered on the Botanical Gardens where, since the last visit on 02/02/13, there should be a build up of Yank Warblers passing through at the very least?
A fleeting glimpse of the CAPITAL BUILDING
as we sped past. It is probably of note to say
that throughout this trip the 'driving' has remained the same.
"Everyone is itching to overtake"
 The tranquility of the Botanical Garden
and the first stop to check out the ANTILLEAN PALM SWIFT COLONY and try and capture a shot or two. These 'tiny' Swifts dart into the fronds at lighting speed and leave ever faster, so what chance? Neck straining up into the foliage, glancing down and there were c2 perched on the ground only 2 feet away from my feet. The lack of an image of any sort tells the rest of the story!
 First to fall to the lend was, not surprisingly, the ubiquitous BANANAQUIT all now in full song and busily nest building.
In quick succession there followed a number of 
 female AMERICAN REDSTART, the males were also there but not venturing within the mile range scale.
 The 'endemic' HISPANIOLAN WOODPECKER were far more obliging
 and likely more numerous.
were less so, but that was made up for adequately by
 Feast Your Eyes!
 There, I told you it was possible to get fed up of BLACK-and-WHITE WARBLER????
so a PALM WARBLER to finish!


  1. Awesome. You photographed those birds perfectly. Love staring at your photos. :)

  2. Thank you once again, have we met, where do you come from, very interested!
    Yours aye