Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire

The destruction of Port au Prince and the surrounding districts for many miles around started at precisely 16:53, local time, on Tuesday 12th January 2010. The shock was measured at a catastrophic magnitude 7.0Mw with the 'epicenter' close to the town of Lèorâne (Ouest Department) approximately 25 km (16 miles) west of the capital. By the 24th January at least 52 'aftershocks', measuring 4.5Mw or greater, had been recorded.
 Wiki shows the magnificent City Cathedral as it was,
 and the damage left after the 'quake',
 while my own show a view from the top of the main thoroughfare,
 what has become part of the Tent City
 and a center for collecting Plastic Bottles.
 These all have a value to the local community
and are sent to the United States for recycling.
 How Wiki saw the Presidential Palace in its heyday,
 and how it looked this morning.
 Ernso tells me that the whole complex was reduced to just rubble,
but since many of the bricks have been recovered 
with a view to incorporating them in the 'new build'!
 the Statue and Eternal Flame in memory of the 'Unknown Slave'
were little effected as being low-lying.
 Central Park
also with few, if any, structures also remains much as it was.
 Tower of 204 Steps
marking the number of years since the country became independent.
 Some improvements since the disaster include the National Museum
where many school children were queuing to get in this morning.
 The Central Meeting Place
 as the Haitian Flag flies at half mast beginning
3 days of mourning for Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez.
So, what is being done here in Haiti to rectify the matter?
and the 'Man in Charge' none other than
Part of his long term plan is to encourage and support 'Young Entrepreneurs', such as the 2 young men with him here, continue a healthy Apprenticeship Scheme while personally putting over 500 children through School.  
Not bad for 'starters', but there is a lot more to Ernso and his Office Team of about a dozen than that. They are the bed-rock of a number of businesses designed to get people back to work,and at present have more than 500 paid employees on their books.
Taking much strength from his Church, of which he is The Pastor,
he has but one simple motto
"For Haiti, the only way is UP!"
The views from his office block.
Outside, the scene is a little more harrowing with all these wild birds for sale. With that bill and all dark head I can only make it a juvenile Snail Kite as such birds are captured 'to order' by the likes of Houngans - male Voodoo Priests - to be slaughtered as part of the ceremonial rites.
Others such as these Quail, various Doves and Pigeons
are sadly destined for 'the pot'.
I should thank Ernso for taking me around the City and to his Enterprise!


  1. You really need to watch your back around there Paul, be careful out there. A neighbour of mine has to visit that country regularly and he takes bodyguards.

  2. Thanks for your concern Roy, back being watched but you never know. Am in fantastic hands here at Eucalyptus, but doesn't mean 'let the guard down'.
    Thanks again Mate - watching out!