Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hideaway - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich

It was planned to take it easy on my final day in Haiti but it seems those around me had different ideas. It was a family/friends/guests day out to the mountains and a very special little hideaway.
While waiting for the muster there was time to catch this Lizard climbing the garden wall followed by a few images from the car window as we headed upwards.
 To some of you the name will be familiar.
That Ocean Tug was certainly the Girl I Loved!
There you are Les told you there was only one 'E'!
All of these orniments are made for re-cycled 45 gallon oil drums.
As we arrived at
there were just a few birds in the trees including
another poor attempt at AMERICAN REDSTART
and this FLYCATCHER that has me baffled
perhaps you can take a look at it for me Steve?
I think it's CARIB which doesn't appear on the Haiti List (yet!).
Staying on the subject of re-cycling, all of the materials 
for this fine rendezvous came from just that.
This young lady greeted us with a drop of pineapple vodka if my taste-buds are to be relied upon.
Bottle Chandeliers.
The Main Bar
and al fresco area.
The accommodation should it be required.
Then time for a beer or 2
while taking in the scenery.
Jordan and I started on beer
but soon graduated to Wine in very novel glasses - re-cycled of course!
Then the band struck up
with the American Gut sat at the Bongo 'jamming' (very well for a couple of numbers, after which I had to go and spoil it by giving them 'The Night Has A thousand Eyes' - well ya got to haven't you?


  1. Looking good Captain.Take care.:) Ady Baker

  2. Hey just at the right time, I need an Aspirin get that ambulance over here immediately.
    Love to you and Tracy. Take care see you on my return.