Friday, 15 March 2013

Port-au-Prince Revisited

Lucky to get the Blog away at all today, as there have been a number of extended 'power outages', but saved by the staff here at Eucalyptus who introduced me to the 'EMERGENCY GENERATOR'!
100 Days on the Road completed
and not a Christmas at Home!
There had been time for some 'birding', in the garden and nearby forest, before Ernso took me on another tour of the town. Just as well really as the first bird encountered, in one of the tall garden trees, was a 'Lifer'
so at least we got 'the' 1
All else amounted to a PARASITIC WASP
RED-LEGGED THRUSH (addition to Haiti List)
and this BEE of giant proportions.
Now take a photographic trip around the Haitian Capital.
Ahead a 'Tap, Tap' as that's what you do to get them to stop.
This man is a 'Mobile Chemist' and while not academically trained does have an extensive knowledge of the subject. With money in short supply to most, he will sell you a single Aspirin.
Dotted throughout the city are these 'tented' living quarters.
The Central Electricity Generating Board
and the now redundant Sugar Factory.
Long Distance Bus Station
and if you need a 'bottle' of petrol or
a 'wheelbarrow' full of Sugar Cane
anything is possible!
I really could have done with a stop here as the poor old Brasher's haven't seen a coat of 'boot polish' since leaving Voyager.
and in the same way, you can purchase just a 'cup full' 
of drinking water in a plastic bag.
Roadside Le Café
and Restaurant.
Nice pear (sic) of Melons Missus!
Shipping Container doubles as a Boutique.
Where once stood a community.
Not in the wau we might understand it,
this is a Lottery Ticket Seller.
Green for Go!
Seems no matter how impoverished the Mobile Phone
is the 'must have' item'?
"Standing on a corner watching all the girls go by"
Dean Martin

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