Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh (Eagles)

Historically, the Mountain Villager's of North Eastern Thailand, Laos and elsewhere in Indo-China, the The HMONG_PEOPLE, have had a strong allegiance with France throughout many years and conflicts. So, when that country found many thousands of them 'displaced' they set-aside a fertile region in French Guyana (similar in so many ways to that they knew 'at home') to continue living a peaceful life. They brought with them many of their historical agricultural techniques and now continue a decent existence growing produce and catering to the tourist trade. The Market, I was told, should not be missed.
Along with Jean Francois and Roong again
we drove through lush Rain Forest, recording

to the village of CACOA.
My breakfast, lunch and dinner were all supplied by this lady
selling the most delicious 'nibbles'.
Most of the older generation still use their native tongue, so Roong was able to communicate.
so much so, she managed to coax a huge bag of these
Lychee-like fruits for free!
YES! we have No Bananas.
This young lad deftly chopped away the copra from this Coconut
making a lovely drink for this little girl
who wouldn't share it with her sister.
Roong also discovered the total age of these 3 ladies - 252 years!
The 'specialty of the house'
That's the Tab-Nabs now
here comes the coffee.
While I am opposed to any wild creature in a cage
this did give an opportunity to see a beautifully marked
bird at close quarters, previously only seen in flight.
It had been ON and OFF all day
but then the rain started in earnest
sending all the punters
scurrying for the 'undercover' food stalls,
much to the delight of the stall-holders.
in traditional dress, Vietnam.
 picture thanks to Wiki.

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