Sunday, 7 April 2013

Butterfly - Andy Williams

Something of a 'pictorial' today especially for the
among you.
Found this very showy bushy area in another local park
and was amazed at the number of Insects it was hosting.
Difficult to pull myself away.
About a dozen main stems supported the bushes
while this Runner Bean like vine
was the only other Plant species.
I don't have a clue (or the time to look them up)
of the identity of any of the creatures shown but do hope 
you enjoy them as much as I did!
Don't know if this is a 'male' and the following 'female'
or vice versa?
This rather large Insect was another of the
'Wings Folded @Perch Brigade'
but did give occasional split second glimpses of its upper-parts.
 and in sharp contrast to the gentile........
 "Waiter, there seems to be something cweeping about in my spaghetti"!
are heard daily in the tropics, sending out that deafening, circular-saw like buzzing through the forest, but are infrequently seen. So this mighty 'beauty' was a most welcome addition to the log.

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