Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Daydream - Part II

It was such a full day at Rio Blanco that it was thought best to post in 2 Parts. I had wandered uphill and to the north, and on the way back to the house for water picked up these images.
That brilliant EMERALD DRAGONFLY again.
What would you rather BEE, or a WASP?
A Flower sparkling in the dark forest.
Arriving back at what is going to be a magnificent property when completed
I was pleased to see that VICTOR (the Welder) and José (the Fitter) were hard at it, wouldn't want them slacking off while I was knocking my pan in. What could be described as a mighty lucky return as taking a look across the
BACK GARDEN, and the view beyond, a familiar sound could be heard from the nearby trees. Something I had heard time and time again during my day with Hilda Morales so worth checking out. There, high in the roadside trees was not one but a 'pair' of

Although high in the tree, neither bird did much moving except for a single fly-catching foray.
This attractive mural and adjoining inscription proved of interest
while surveying the surrounding
Lush Forest
No time for Lush Forests when the 7th Puerto Rican Woodpecker of the day
shows up and starts performing and showing well.
Following the course of the RIO BLANCO
I reached the main road and the Second World War Iron Bridge
before deciding that it might be best to return, via the tiny hamlet of YUDELMI, and seek shelter from the heat. By the time I reached the house the sun was well below its zenith and a cooling breeze had freshened things somewhat. José advised a bottle of Sprite and a sit at the bottom of the garden, next to the stream, where he suggested I could see a good number of birds. Finding a small, empty cable-drum which served perfectly as a seat the vigil began, starting with yet another Woodpecker, lots of Bananaquit and then that familiar 'flash of green'!
complete with the tiniest Lizard

perched in the tree above my head.
Unfortunately, the photographer was not up to the job, so have decoded to do it myself next time????

The final wild-life of the day was this Lizard which preceded the
The ICE CREAM VAN by about 10 minutes.
Having been looked after all day by my 2 host the very least I could do was treat them to a choc-ice or something, but they were having none of that.
José and Victor for a splendid day 
and best of luck with the continuation of the house.

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