Wednesday, 17 April 2013

(On The) Crest of a Wave - Rory Gallagher

Leaving Havana, Cuba behind we continued our passage North and East there was little in the way of wildlife during the morning, but the warm breeze and gentle motion of Voyager more than made up for that.
 Must be prime time for migrating CATTLE EGRET as this single,
along with good numbers of Flying Fish were all that were seen on
the wildlife front.
 A flurry of spray almost beyond the horizon captured the interest,
 and as it got closer obvious it was a boat of sorts.
 The smallest expected this far out, the nearest point of land being
Florida some 120 miles away on our Port hand.
No not you, the name of the Sport Fishing Boat.
 All else was this small Container Ship, so time for lunch.
 On my return to the 'lookout'
 no fewer than c3 female 
were found on deck.
In addition there was a male
 perched on a prominent halyard
 affording goodviews.
 That's when the (Manx/Small-like) SHEERWATER
 turned up but lingered distantly
 for seconds rather than minutes.
 From what I had seen, what the 'poor' images show
 and on the balance of probabilities
 this is most likely to be
seen in large numbers elsewhere, especially Galapagos.
Oppinions would be most welcome.
Another, or maybe the same, CATTLE EGRET
passed closer to the ship 
as it was noted that at least one of the afore mentioned Warblers
 was finding plenty to eat. Small flies around the scuppers
 and grubs conceled withing the
 imitation 'grass'.
Not at all concerned about the people around it, it did look
as thoughtit had more than one of its own 'passengers'!
Before 'close of play' this male
also put in a short visit, otherwise of note
 were these pockets of SEAWEED
stretching to the horizon.

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