Sunday, 28 April 2013

Porta Delgada, Azores

A dull day to herald our second Island visit, this time to the Capital City of the Azores, but nil desperandum there were stacks of Gulls on offer so no prizes for guessing my direction.
This fine 3 master reminded me of my days as a Boy Seaman when learning the various parts of sailing vessels. One tail that stuck with me was that of the DOLPHIN STRIKER (the arrow like appendage pointing downwards from the bowsprit) part functional, part superstition. In the days of sail Dolphins were so revered as 'good luck charms' by mariners that they were often concerned they would come to grief swimming so close to the bow while underway. To prevent this a Dolphin Striker was rigged to lightly tap the creatures on the head, steering them clear of the vessel and presumed danger.
The mist and drizzle slowly cleared.
Yet another Leviathan.
One of the Sea Clipper Fleet
Again I'll leave the Gulls until such time as they can be checked.
A few more CITY shots

Heading for the open sea and the final leg of or journey.

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