Saturday, 11 May 2013

Big In Japan - Alphaville

Always good to hear from my friend Chris Cook in Tokyo, long time Fashion Editor and Staff Writer for the Japan Times, part of which I would like to share with the Readership - see link and Many Thanks Chris.
Big in Japan
Another interesting couple of days at Parley Court Farm where, despite the inclement weather and an Ortolan Bunting at nearby Longham Lakes, I was happy to remain.
Probably as many as 5 singing birds even on this relatively short stretch of the Stour, bodes well for this once 'rare' visitor to our shores. Albeit nondescript the Cetti's Warbler has been one of my favourite species since taking up bird watching. Privileged to have a thriving colony very close to my former home they have been seen, or maybe more often 'heard', almost on a daily basis. First recorded in Britain as recently as 1961 colonisation, which began in Kent in 1972 or 1973, continues to be monitored annually. Numbers and breeding range increased spectacularly during the first 12 years of colonisation, with Norfolk and Dorset gradually overtaking Kent as the main host counties. Trivia:- Cetti's Warbler is unique among British birds as having only 10 tail feathers and laying bright red eggs.
thought I'd recorded the first on the property this year,
but Hugh pipped me by one day.
My old man said: "Foller the van,  
and don't dilly-dally on the way". 
Off went the van wiv me 'ome packed in it, 
I walked be'ind wiv me old 'Cock Linnet'.
an addition to the Year/Dorset Lists

A very lucky find, this WOOD WARBLER
is only the 'second' to have been recorded on the property.
All of the birds above were additions to either the 2013 GB Year List or Dorset Year List (or both) while Hobby and Stock Dove found their way onto the latter. List totals currently stand at
GB Year = 104
Dorset Year = 73
The early post is so I can go and enjoy what has been promised as a 'BIT' of a treat, strange moves seem to be afoot, but be sure to tune in tomorrow!
and finally
The Lunatic is on the Ledge - Pink Floyd

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