Monday, 27 May 2013

"I Know It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - But I Like It, Like It, Yes I Do"

PHEEEW! Well that's my weekend over and as if to endorse the lack of subject matter for the Blog, both camera card readers fell apart, the laptop was playing silly beggars while Messrs Strongbow and Jamison saw to it that the wit was out. Saturday kicked off in a sober enough fashion as I continued to catch up with family, friends and acquaintances, starting at the Portland Bird Sanctuary. There were a few of my favoured birding pals there including Ricky Lambert, Ken Parker, John Lucas, the Walbridge brothers Grahame and Duncan and of course Warden Martin Cade. Not a lot of birds unfortunately but peering out to sea from the veranda a distant 
was added to the Year List while
were all year firsts for Dorset.
 There has never been an occasion to 'twitch'

but as a (more or less) guaranteed addition for the year
it was worth a wander down to the shoreline. In addition

joined the Dorset ranks before returning to Weymouth.
There I enjoyed a fine lunch with my ex-neighbour
Shelagh Pellow over a glass or 3 of the wobbly juice!
was wall to wall 'Wobbly Juice' and after a Roast Dinner with my friend LESLEY BROWN, should I have needed
help in the WJ department

there were many people known to us in the crowd which had assembled in Hope Square to share a tot with while enjoying another great performance by that ever popular Rock 'n' Roll Quartet
'RELAY' (centre).
While I never distinguish between one friend and another it is always an hilarious experience to meet up with my Ol' Shipmate TIMMY (Chip a Potato) MALCOLM and his lovely wife SHARRON.
It was now Cider Valve full open with Bryn, Lesley, Chris,
that Deckchair Salesman again plus Sharron.
An even bigger crowd drew us towards the
where much has changed with the organisation team.
The set-up, music and ambiance were as good as ever but
where was the 'FREE BEER'.
Must have a word with the Management.

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