Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails

The good intention to start sorting my future out lasted nearly as long as I had predicted - about 30 minutes. Falling by the wayside that quickly did get me out in the 'field' again while today there was chance to test drive a car which was combined with the same - hope is the owner is not a reader, With 'wheels' at my disposal and still not back in Dorset it was a golden opportunity to take a drive around the New Forest, Hampshire.
 A Roadside ROOK started the day off
 then arriving at a nearby watercourse it seemed like 
all Hell broke loose!
 Everything was in full voice, not least this
along with Garden Warbler, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler
and outnumbering them all Blackcap.
 and female REED BUNTING were busily nesting
 while this Grey Heron was keeping a low profile
 until I happened along.
 Wren and
 Chaffinch were also among the songsters,
 while I was amused by this image of
 Dinner and Diner in the same field.
 It was again on 'voice' that this
came to my attention
 as my first
 COMMON SWIFT flew into view.
 One of a good numbers of
 Black-headed Gulls
was lucky enough to find this fish and as I reached the 
Heart of the Forest lots more birds were feeding.
 Blue Tit
 a freshly excavated
Great Spotted Woodpecker nest
were also both new additions to the Year List.
 PRIMROSE were everywhere adding great beauty to the scene
 but there was better to come as arriving at the traditional sight
c6 male MANDARINs were closer to the car park than ever seen before.
 At 'point blank' range they were a delight to photograph,
 but something else I have never witnessed here were
 a couple of birds were wandering around the hard standing.
 The only other times they have beed seen out of the water
 have been as they perched in trees on their favoured island
 in the middle of the lake 100 yards away.
 On my return there was a pair of
MISTLE THRUSH feeding close to the road as I considered
not letting trivialities get in the way of 'birding'.

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