Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hearts of Lothian - Marillion

Our day ended yesterday with something of a gathering of the Melbourne clan at the
I hadn't been briefed on the event but was happy to find it to be
of the Audience Participation Variety
so, inspired by more than 'one over the 8' the 2 x Peter's
Tunnicliffe (left) and Jackson along with Andy and Dawn
got ready for the fray.
With no note pad or pen the names of the various artists paled along with the jokes, suffice to say our compare was of the very best audience warmer type.
The first 'comedian' was mediocre to say the least,
but number 2 (above) had every one of us splitting
sides with his deadpan and risqué act.
If No1 had been considered bad, the final 'turn',
a Frank Zappa lookalike, simply died on his feet
and reacted poorly to my shout of "bring on the
Today has been spent, in the main, reacquainting with the 
'chocolate box' village of Melbourne with Andy and Dawn.
The Church
Village Scene
Dawn and Andy in front of the distant Melbourne Hall the
seat of Lord Ralph Kerr son of the Marquis of Lothian.
The walk took us through prime countryside and agricultural lands.
An unknown 'rare breed' of Sheep.
Spring Barley
A fine avenue of about 50 Lime Trees

Melbourne Pool and attendant Coot
a little further on
a 'year tick' by way of c2
very common hereabouts.
One of a number of 'local' Public Houses.

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