Thursday, 13 June 2013

If You Want To Know The Time - Ask A Policeman

The main thrust of our plan for today was for me to make a second visit to
and beyond, while Andy was to be there for the first time.
The Millennium Dome
River Thames Crossing Cable Car
HMS King George V aka KG5
Ship in a Bottle at the Greenwich Museum
A look back over the shoulder while walking the steep slope to
Straddling the Greenwich Meridian
Looking down on Greenwich College and Museum
Some of the preserved Observatory Accommodation
Time Pieces and other Artifacts
Small Telescopes
Large Telescope
Woolfe Statue
A fine collection of Trees as well.
Miss Great Britain III
Miss Britain III Speedboat
Live By The Sword
Stained Glass salvaged from the Baltic Exchange
after having been bombed by the IRA.
A painting I would love to own
a right bunch of Pirates by the look of it.
You'll recognise this Secret
'Standard' (Hard Hat Divers)
A propeller from a Type 23 Destroyer of the
Royal Navy
Surrounding Buildings
There was an intent to visit
The Shard (The EEC's tallest building) but for various reasons
that never came to pass.

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