Sunday, 23 June 2013

Linden Lea - Ralph Vaughan Williams

Saturday 22 June
Still no sign of summer, in fact a downturn on the 'longest day' with high winds, mostly fully covered sky and the odd shower keeping me in for most of the day. A short wander around a couple of ponds in Wiltshire mid-morning did throw up a very active
which never perched once
and good numbers of Damselflies.
A now redundant Swallows nest in an old shipping container
was all else to be seen.
Sunday 23 June 2013
An invitation that simply couldn't be turned down had me scampering back from Wilts late yesterday evening, to join the celebrations for Janet's birthday. There is a programme of events, most of which will have to be published later as we have already enjoyed a full day with more to come. My return also coincided with a 10K 'Fun Run' at
which Hugh, and other family members were involved with.
 Hugh's mother Joan at the Registration Desk.
Not normally open to the general public, there was time to wander
these vast parkland both before and during the race.
in bloom.
 Some of the outbuildings including
 the Stable Yard, but it was the trees here that stole the show.
not in the best light on a very dull day.
 A huge BEECH with beautifully formed boughs
 and loaded with fruit.
 Almost time to get the show on the road,
HUGH looking very relaxed.
 A 'trumpeter' was in attendance to start the proceedings
 so with a blow on the bugle
 they were off!
 Hugh immediately in the midst of things while I continued the wander.
Within the woodlands, flow’ry gladed,
By the oak trees’ mossy moot,
The shining grass blades, timber-shaded,
Now do quiver underfoot;

And water’s bubbling in its bed, 
And birds do whistle overhead, 
And there, for me, the apple tree
Do lean down low in Linden Lea.
 The twisting bark of a
 The ornamentals too were in fine fettle
 One of a number of ponds.
 This huge garden wall with arched gateway was always worth
a photograph until this idiot got in the way.
 Behind the wall this large expanse which in my view would be
better decked out with Cabbages, Runner Beans, Leeks etc.
 and here comes the lad himself in a
 time well under a hour.
an excellent combo of young lads.
Let other folk make money faster
In the air of dark-roomed towns,
I don’t dread a peevish master;
Though no man do heed my frowns,
I be free to go abroad,
Or take again my homeward roadTo where, for me, the apple tree
Do lean down low in Linden Lea.

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