Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole

Firstly an item of 'catch-up' for Thursday which was Ladies Night Out leaving Hugh and I to enjoy a BBQ and a decent bottle of Claret together. I have to emphasis that only a couple of glasses were quaffed as at about 22:00, as we were clearing up, a NIGHTJAR entered the garden did a short circuit then disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. That makes 3 'sighted' new species for the property this week and also another Year Tick for me!
 Unfortunately, I have never been lucky enough to photograph 
Nightjar in this country the nearest was this
which I doubt many would have realised had I not come clean,
but just gives some idea of the bird to those not in the know.
Next an apology for no Post yesterday which saw me spending most of the day in Portland and Weymouth mostly catching up on some long outstanding business. There was little time for visiting and knowing the consequence of having been a Man About Town there for so many years the trip was sure to be punctuated by meeting people en-route. Those events will be published tomorrow.
With the bright, sunny weather continuing for another day we are already hearing complaints of "it's too hot" only days after it was too cold. Except for the Moth Trap today has been both quiet and lazy with yet another 'barbie' planed for this evening.
 We have seen BARRED STRAW here before,
 as we have CORONET.
There were c9 small COCKCHAFFER
 plus a couple of interesting looking MICROs.
 Additions to the Property List include this uncommon
 and perhaps even more scarce a
 Sure to have been present before the list was started
 A wander along this stretch of the River Stour produced a
Family Party of LONG-TAILED TITs
which have been absent since my return.
First signs of bloom on these river plants,
 Across the river the neighbouring farmer seems to have a bumper
HAY CROP this year, while this side it has also been bountiful.
 Just a couple of the multitude of GRASSES grown here.
TUFTED VETCH - Thanks again Roy.


  1. Last shot is 'Tufted Vetch' Paul.

  2. Muchus Grassiarse Roy will make ammendment if I remember. Cheers!