Friday, 19 July 2013

The Hungry Must Be Fed

The appropriate Moth amendments have been made to yesterday's post.
Many THANKS go to Paul Harris for his help with this!
As far as 'bird-life' is concerned around the farm, most predominant at this time are the numbers of young. It would be impossible, even on the shortest of visits here, to over look these with the most numerous species being
Readers may remember that last week we reported the 'flock' to have increased to over 200 which pales against today's estimate of well over 1,000. Already c2 have been trapped in the Chicken Coop and one in the Farm House, but both attempts to catch them met with failure, Both common Woodpeckers
appear to have done well in this department and from the cacophony of noise it would seem that several young have already fledged. Unfortunately none of these have been seen thus far, but best efforts are being made to secure photographs.
are heard here on a daily basis, but sat around the barbecue
early evening it was unusual to see c2 fly over at low level.
Not surprisingly the most common breeding Hirundines is the
with at least 3 pairs nesting in the garage.
 Still a few young MALLARD on the pond,
 while only 3 of the 5 brood of juv MOORHENs remain.
On the 'up-side' a second nest was found this morning with parent
birds feeding 2 chicks.

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